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What our clients are saying

Jordan Kagan Gescheit
Co-founder / Co-CEO

We put together a team of Engineers for Detector Inspector, enabling them to fast track their IT software development and quickly become the leader in Safety and Compliance in Australia. Another perfect example of how we are helping local businesses grow their team and expand their talent pool.

Offshoring Solutions - FAQs

What is an offshoring solution?

An offshoring solution is a strategic business approach where companies delegate certain tasks or functions to external organisations located in different countries. This practice, also known as offshore outsourcing, allows businesses to optimise their operations, access a diverse talent pool, and reduce operational costs.

Offshoring solutions provide a win-win scenario for both the outsourcing and offshoring parties, as the offshore outsourcing company can focus on its core competencies whilst the outsourcing partner delivers high-quality services in a cost-effective manner. This approach also gives companies the advantage of accessing talented professionals in various locations, expanding their possibilities for success.

What is the main purpose of offshoring?

The main purpose of offshoring is to help businesses achieve increased operational efficiency, cost savings, and access to a global talent pool. By utilising offshoring solutions, companies can delegate non-core tasks or functions to an offshore outsourcing partner, allowing them to focus on their core competencies and business goals.

This strategy not only enables businesses to tap into specialised expertise but also reduces overhead costs and provides a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving business world. Offshore outsourcing companies are instrumental in delivering high-quality services, enabling organisations to grow and thrive by leveraging outsourcing and offshoring opportunities.

What is the difference between offshoring and outsourcing?

The main difference between offshoring and outsourcing lies in the geographical location and business relationship with the service provider. Offshoring refers to the process of moving business functions, tasks, or operations to another country, typically with lower labour costs and favourable economic conditions, such as Vietnam. On the other hand, outsourcing involves delegating tasks or functions to a third-party service provider, regardless of their location.

Away Digital Team, for example, offers offshoring solutions by providing offshore outsourcing services from Vietnam. By choosing to work with an offshore outsourcing company like Away Digital Team, businesses can take advantage of both outsourcing and offshoring benefits. This includes cost savings, access to a larger talent pool, and the ability to focus on core business operations. By leveraging the expertise of outsourcing and offshoring providers like Away Digital Team, companies can achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth while managing their resources more effectively.

Who can benefit most from offshore outsourcing?

Many businesses can benefit significantly from offshore outsourcing, regardless of their size or industry. From startups to large enterprises, companies that seek to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and access a diverse pool of talented professionals can find great value in partnering with an offshore outsourcing company like Away Digital Team.

Offshore outsourcing services from Vietnam, provided by Away Digital Team, can be particularly advantageous for businesses with tight budgets, looking to optimise their resources without sacrificing quality. Companies that need to scale rapidly or require specialised expertise not readily available in-house can also reap the benefits of offshoring solutions.

By collaborating with an experienced offshore outsourcing company like Away Digital Team, businesses can gain access to a skilled workforce in Vietnam, well-versed in various disciplines such as software development, web development, and technical support. This collaboration can lead to improved efficiency, cost savings, and a greater focus on core business functions, helping companies achieve their goals and maintain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business world.

What challenges can businesses face when implementing offshore outsourcing solutions, and how can they be mitigated?

When implementing offshore outsourcing solutions, businesses may face several challenges. Some of these include communication barriers, cultural differences, time zone differences, and quality control concerns. To mitigate these challenges, partnering with a reliable offshore outsourcing company like Away Digital Team, based in Vietnam, is essential.

Away Digital Team helps businesses navigate these challenges by providing:

  • Clear communication channels: Implementing robust communication tools and protocols ensures that both onshore and offshore teams stay in sync, reducing misunderstandings and delays.
  • Flexible working hours: Encouraging teams to work flexible hours, when necessary, can help accommodate time zone differences and facilitate collaboration.
  • Quality control processes: Establishing strict quality control processes and performance metrics ensures that the offshore team consistently meets the required standards.

How can businesses successfully manage offshore teams?

By addressing these challenges with effective strategies, businesses can fully leverage the benefits of offshore outsourcing solutions with confidence.

  • Successfully managing offshore teams is crucial for businesses to fully benefit from offshoring solutions. At Away Digital Team, we understand the importance of effective management and have compiled some strategies for achieving success with offshore teams, particularly those based in Vietnam.
  • Clear communication: Establishing clear and open lines of communication with your offshore outsourcing team is vital. Make sure to use appropriate tools for communication and maintain regular contact to ensure everyone stays on the same page.
  • Cultural understanding: Embrace the cultural and social differences between your onshore and offshore teams. By respecting and valuing the unique perspectives of your offshore outsourcing company in Vietnam, you can create a more harmonious and productive working environment.
  • Define expectations: Clearly outline goals, objectives, and expectations for your offshore team. This will help to prevent misunderstandings and ensure that your outsourcing and offshoring efforts align with your business goals.
  • Regular monitoring and feedback: Monitor the progress of your offshore team and provide constructive feedback to help them improve their performance. This will also help you identify any potential issues early on and address them proactively.
  • Invest in training and development: Ensure that your offshore team has the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively perform their tasks. Investing in their professional development will not only improve their performance but also foster a sense of loyalty and commitment.
  • Build relationships: Developing strong relationships with your offshore team members is essential for long-term success. Encourage collaboration, and trust, between your onshore and offshore teams.

By following these strategies, businesses can successfully manage their offshore teams and harness the full potential of offshoring solutions offered by companies like the Away Digital Team.


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