Away Digital Teams Interviews Daniel Gold from Long Property

AwayTeams Interviews Daniel Gold from Long Property

We are super excited to launch the first of Interview Series what is hopefully many conversations with Away Digital Teams clients! It really is amazing how much value you can get by doing something as simple as sitting down to chat with someone and listening to their story

I picked Dan not only cause he’s one of my first clients but because he has a great story. From being an NFL punter at College in America, to starting one successful business and then failing at his next, and now becoming Australia’s 5th best Mortgage Broker, Dan has a pretty impressive story.

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In Part 1 we chat about:

– Dan’s “illustrious” career as an NFL punter at college in America (if you thought yesterdays super bowl was entertaining, you’ll love this)

– What is feels like to build a business that wins and build a business that fails – Dan’s done both!


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