Top 3 Tips for Leaders Running Remote Teams

Photo Of People Leaning On Wooden Table

With lots of companies adoption full time remote working options for their employees – keeping staff engaged becomes even more important than ever.

My top three tips for leaders running remote teams are:

  1. Communicate the “why” – staff need to understand and buy into the companies mission and how their role plays its part in the grand plan.
  2. Give people work that is challenging and fulfilling – no point hiring a gun and giving them boring work. Give them something chunky that they can own and really sink their teeth into.
  3. The quick catch up – as a leader, never underestimate the power of a quick 5-minute zoom call to ask your staff two questions; How are you? How can I help?

Interestingly enough, these three tips are just as important with remote teams as they are with single location businesses.

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