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What Is Offshore Software Testing?

Offshore software testing is a development model in which a company delegates the software testing process to a service partner team located in a different country and time zone. This approach involves the conventional software testing cycle, encompassing tasks such as creating, executing, and reporting on software tests. These include QA tests, mobile app tests, user acceptance tests (UAT), and more, all of which can be executed through offshore software testing. Once a test is concluded by an offshore software testing company, a test report is forwarded to the company for verification. Subsequently, it is either approved or returned for further action.

Outsourcing software testing services is a strategic investment that not only ensures the quality and reliability of your products but also contributes to cost savings, reduced time-to-market, and a strengthened competitive position in the dynamic business landscape.

What Are The Benefits Of Offshore Software Testing Services?

Cost Efficiency: Outsourced QA testing services often provide cost savings, as businesses can leverage the skills of skilled professionals in countries with lower labor costs.

Access to Global Talent: By choosing to outsource QA testing, you can gain access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals with varied expertise, contributing to a more comprehensive testing approach.

Time Zone Advantage: Offshore software testing teams in different time zones can provide continuous testing coverage, allowing for round-the-clock development and quicker turnaround times.

Scalability and Flexibility: Offshore software testing services offer scalability, allowing your organisation to expand or contract testing resources based on project requirements. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for dynamic project needs.

Focus on Core Competencies: Choosing to outsource software testing allows organisations to focus on their core competencies and strategic objectives, leaving the testing aspects to specialised teams.

Accelerated Time-to-Market: With an extended workday due to time zone differences, offshore software testing can contribute to faster development cycles and quicker releases, enhancing the overall time-to-market for software products.

Enhanced Product Quality: Leveraging offshore software testing services often results in more rigorous and comprehensive testing processes, leading to higher software quality and reliability.

Risk Mitigation: Offshore software testing provides risk diversification by distributing testing functions across different geographical locations, reducing the impact of potential disruptions.

Access to Advanced Technologies: Offshore testing providers often invest in cutting-edge testing tools and technologies, ensuring that your organisation benefit from the latest advancements in the field.

Why Should Your Business Outsource QA Testing Services?

Outsourcing software testing ensures a dedicated focus on quality assurance by experienced professionals. This commitment to thorough testing protocols contributes to the development of robust and high-quality products, minimising the likelihood of defects and issues.

Through comprehensive testing, outsourcing software testing services can help enhance the overall user experience of your software. By identifying and rectifying usability issues, bugs, and glitches, users are more likely to have a seamless and satisfying interaction with your applications.

Outsourcing software testing services allows you to tap into a pool of skilled testing professionals without the overhead costs associated with in-house teams. You can optimise your budget by paying for the specific testing services you need, making it a cost-effective solution.

Choosing QA outsourcing services can accelerate the development lifecycle. Professional testing teams work efficiently and can quickly identify and rectify issues, allowing your business to bring products to market faster and gain a competitive edge.

Rigorous testing contributes to the delivery of high-quality, reliable software. This, in turn, enhances your business’s reputation and customer trust. With a reputation for delivering top-notch products, you gain a competitive advantage in the market.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing A Software Testing Company?

Firstly, assess the company’s depth of expertise in offshore software testing. Look for a proven track record, relevant experience, and a comprehensive understanding of testing methodologies and tools.

Secondly, examine the skills and certifications of the testing team. A skilled and certified team is more likely to deliver high-quality and reliable testing services. Our proficient and certified experts at Away Digital Teams guarantee QA outsourcing services of superior quality and reliability.

Thirdly, evaluate the company’s communication skills, ensuring clarity, responsiveness, and the ability to understand and meet your specific requirements. At Away Digital Teams, our offshore QA testing staff is committed to comprehending your unique needs, maintaining clarity, and being responsive in our work.

Fourth, investigate the company’s reputation by reviewing feedback and testimonials from past clients. This provides insights into their performance, reliability, and the quality of their software testing services. Visit our Client Testimonials for more information.

Fifth, ensure you have a service level agreement (SLA) that outlines the scope of work, software testing methodologies, timelines, and performance metrics to guarantee alignment with your expectations.

Sixth, consider the company's specialisation in specific industries. An offshore software testing partner with experience in your industry is more likely to understand the unique challenges and requirements relevant to your software.

Finally, clearly define your budget constraints and evaluate the pricing structure offered by the software testing company. Look for flexibility and transparency in pricing to ensure that the services align with your budgetary considerations.

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Why Should You Outsource Software Testing to Away Digital Teams?

Away Digital Teams employs the most potent testing tools available in the market for our offshore software testing services. Our QA outsourcing services are strategically designed to empower speed, precision, and efficiency through an intelligence- and insights-driven methodology. Whether your goal is to expedite the release of new software or to transform your testing processes and workforce, we have the precise skills and capabilities needed for your success. Our overarching objective is not just to ensure that applications function adequately, but to guarantee the delivery of a distinctive and exceptional user experience.

With extensive years of QA testing experience, our team of outsourced QA testing professionals brings a diverse range of skills in QA, automation, continuous testing, DevOps, and Agile methodologies to serve clients globally. We continually push the boundaries of what's achievable, utilising cutting-edge technologies, modern practices, and proprietary assets to deliver outstanding results.

Partnering with Away Digital Teams ensures a top-tier software testing experience; we're not just a service provider; we're your dedicated ally in achieving success. We will ensure you gain a competitive edge in the tech landscape with our commitment to exceptional quality and a distinctive user experience. Your success is not just a goal; it's our commitment.

What Offshore Software Testing Services Are Provided By Away Digital Teams?

Here is a list of software testing services provided by our teams at Away Digital Teams:

  • Functional testing services
  • Configuration testing services
  • Web services testing services
  • Compatibility testing services
  • Integration testing services
  • Security testing services
  • Automation testing services
  • Mobile testing services
  • Migration testing services
  • Platform testing services
  • Usability testing services
  • Network testing services

We've crafted products as part of our software testing services, aligning your testing requirements seamlessly with tools. This ensures constant connectivity with your projects and facilitates the tracking of identified bugs throughout the testing process.

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    Ben Ross
    Co-Founder - Propel Ventures

    “I took the first opportunity I could to go over and actually see and meet the teams and understand the environment and that’s where I met the people that are managing the operations on the ground there. And I was really impressed with those people in addition to the people that we’ve got on our team. But seeing the environment that they’re working in and seeing the leadership that are on the ground. That was probably the main difference that makes me have confidence to recommend.”

    Managing Director - My Occ Health Record

    “…we trialled an overseas team several years ago, but we actually weren’t ready to manage them from Australia, which is a complex task and to be honest since the day we started dealing with Away Teams it’s been nothing but a good experience… We’re finding that the calibre of candidates coming out of Vietnam seem to be exceptional. There’s a great culture that Away Teams are building in Vietnam. We’re all about culture in this organisation and you see it happening in Vietnam, it’s nearly like an extension of who we are, and that’s been integral to the success today.”

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